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Fall-Injury Prevention

Gait and Balance Rehab
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Accidental falls rank as a leading cause of injury and death among retirees. Fear of falling leads to self-restriction in activities, lowered quality of life, physical decline, and increased risk of falling. Fortunately, Back to Action Physical Therapy helps retirees regain their gait, balance, and confidence to improve mobility, safety, and life.

Gait Rehabilitation: We work with strength and range of motion in the hips, legs, and feet. Gait rehabilitation also works with stride length and foot clearance to make walking more safe. Improve the ability to avoid tripping, clear obstacles, walk uphill, mount curbs, and/or climb stairs.

Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation: Dizziness and challenges with balance may come from central or peripheral vestibular disorders. Assessing and efficiently treating such disorders is one of the specialties at Back to Action Physical Therapy.

Upper Body Strengthening: Strength in the arms, shoulders, and core muscles can help people maintain balance and catch themselves should a fall begin.

Fall Training: What a person does during a fall strongly influences the likelihood of injury. We train patients in what to do in various types of falls to minimize the risk of injury.

Aquatic Rehabilitation: Training in our therapeutic pool allows many patients to safely and confidently participate in assertive, upright exercises without risk of fall injury. Additionally, the turbulence of the water challenges balance and provides great balance training.

Equipment Evaluation and Fitting: We help patients decide on the right ambulatory aides such as canes or the right types of walkers. Then we help fit the equipment and thoroughly train patients in the best use of the equipment.

Fall Prevention Education: Modification of behavioral and environmental factors can significantly reduce the risk of falls. We can provide consultation on shoe type, lighting, carrying lighting devices, avoiding obstacles, bathtub surfaces, etc.

And More!: Above we have described only a sample of the various challenges and solutions that can affect the risk of fall injury. Individual assessment and rehabilitation by a Back to Action physical therapist will reveal your specific opportunities. If you or someone you care for has experienced an accidental fall, please do not wait.

Aquatic Gait Rehab in Eagle Pass
Vestibular Rehab in Harlingen, TX

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Safe, natural treatment for dizziness. Correct the most common cause of vertigo in one or two visits.

General physical therapy in Texas

General Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercise for conditions of the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, etc.

Aquatic Therapy Eagle Pass, TX

Aquatic Therapy

A safer, more comfortable way to exercise for some patients.

Sports performance physical therapy in Del Rio, TX

Sports Performance

Professional, individualized plans for athletes.

Specialized Treatments for Enhanced Outcomes

Back to Action invests in training, equipment, and facilities well beyond the norm in physical therapy. This includes aquatic therapy, biofeedback, hand therapy, vestibular rehab, pelvic floor rehab, myofascial release, Mulligan technique, Maitland technique, and much more. The availability of specialty approaches combined with therapist-driven, one-to-one treatments gives us greater opportunity for faster and better outcomes.

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