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Health & Fitness Bulletin

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Which is better, water or sports drinks

Water vs Sports Drinks

Whether you are exercising vigorously or not, proper hydration is very important, especially in Texas. Dehydration can blunt the value of your exercise and even lead to health complications. A classic question on everyone’s mind is which is better for hydration: water or specially formulated sports drinks.

Sleep posture tips to avoid neck pain

Sleep Posture and Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is common, and left unaddressed, potentially disabling. Causes can range from injury to tumors, but one common source is the way people sleep. Here are some tips to consider.

Strategy for maintianing strength with age.

Americans Losing Muscle Due to Too Little Protein

After age 30, most Americans lose 1% of their muscle mass per year, amounting to an average loss of 30% over their lifetimes. This leads to higher instances of chronic pain in middle-age adults and to fall injuries, disability and institutionalization in older adults.

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