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Sports Injury/Sports Performance Physical Therapy in Harlingen, TX, Eagle Pass, TX, Del Rio TX, Brownsville, TX

Sports Performance Physical Therapy

Sports Injury Rehab
Harlingen, TX | Eagle Pass, TX | Brownsville, TX | Del Rio, TX

Back to Action Physical Therapy works with athletes of all ages and all performance levels. When injury, pain, snags, or nags are holding you back from your sports or exercise, our experienced professionals are ready to put you "back to action." With all types of conditions, the earlier we see you, the better the outcomes we can achieve.

Injury Rehab: From neck injuries, shoulder tears, tennis elbow, groin pulls, hamstring tears, ACL tears, ankle sprains, to plantar fasciitis, and everything in between. We rehabilitate your injury. We investigate to find the physical imbalance, equipment problems, or training deficits that precipitated the injury. Then we return you to sport for optimal performance with minimized risk of reinjury.

Fast Starts: Timing is vitally important in sports-injury rehab. This includes both acute injuries and more chronic conditions that come on slowly. The earlier we start treatment, the better. That's why we see most new patients in 24 to 48 hours, if not faster.

Safe Return to Play: When can you get "back to action" and at what level? We help you return to training and sport as soon as possible. We provide professional guidance on the right time to return to play and how to progress your activity level.

Prevent Future Problems: Today's sports injury can turn into bigger injuries years later or that debilitating condition later in life. For instance, improperly rehabilitated ankle sprains increase the likelihood of ACL tears for life. Ensure thorough rehabilitation through physical therapy at Back to Action.

Sports performance and injury rehab
Vestibular Rehab in Harlingen, TX

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Safe, natural treatment for dizziness. Correct the most common cause of vertigo in one or two visits.

General physical therapy in Texas

General Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercise for conditions of the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, etc.

Aquatic Therapy Eagle Pass, TX

Aquatic Therapy

A safer, more comfortable way to exercise for some patients.

Fall-injury prevention physical therapy in Brownsville, TX

Fall-injury Prevention

Gait rehabilitation, balance exercise, and other approaches for improving mobility and safety.

Specialized Treatments for Enhanced Outcomes

Back to Action invests in training, equipment, and facilities well beyond the norm in physical therapy. This includes aquatic therapy, biofeedback, hand therapy, vestibular rehab, pelvic floor rehab, myofascial release, Mulligan technique, Maitland technique, and much more. The availability of specialty approaches combined with therapist-driven, one-to-one treatments gives us greater opportunity for faster and better outcomes.

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