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Albert Garcia

Hello I'm Albert Garcia, a USAF retired Air Traffic Controller, currently working as a DOD controller with USAF. I'm a very active person and compete in Triathlons and Endurance cycling. In 2014, I competed my first Half lronman triathlon and a 200 mile endurance cycling race. In 2015, I was preparing for three lronman races, 200 mile endurance cycling race, and the Senior Olympics. All my preparation became to an abrupt halt the summer of 2015.

On June 9, 2015 I was out on an afternoon training ride and was run over from behind. I was hit by a truck at 70mph and left for dead on the road. Fortunately a passerby found me. When she first saw me she was afraid to get out of her car because she thought I was dead. As she was calling 911 she saw my fingers move and quickly got out of her car to render aid to me. I had to be airlifted to University hospital in San Antonio Texas. I was in very bad condition and had to have four major surgeries to save my life. I had a broken pelvis, broke left hip joint, compound break of left humerus, both ulnas broken, left fibula break, cracked sternum, and left knee destroyed. I also had numerous cuts and scrapes all over my body and face. I was bed ridden for 3 months due to my pelvis break. Rehab started immediately while in San Antonio and was released to go home on my 50th Birthday.

Once I arrived home, I started therapy in Oct at Back to Action in Del Rio, Texas. When I started therapy I was very weak and needed a walker for walking. I struggled so much with the simplest task. couldn't step into a shower without help, couldn't open my dishwasher, needed help to get up out of bed, and needed help getting dress.

The staff at Back to Action therapy have been a tremendous help in my rehabilitation. My primary therapist, Kristi, has developed outstanding plans which has helped with my progress. My primary therapy assistance, Erica and Serina, have spent numerous hours with me ensuring I do all my exercises correctly. Cindy has been a tremendous help coordinating with my insurance and ensuring my authorizations are continued. I also have to acknowledge all other Back to Action staff members who step in and help me when needed.

The Back to Action staff are outstanding and with their help I will be back to triathlon training soon. They will help me realize my dream race. I hope to complete a full lronman triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 marathon) in the near future. My family and I will never be able to thank the Back to Action enough for everything they do for me. I'm forever indebted to them and they are like a second family to me. Thank you Lord for such an OUTSTANDING THERAPY TEAM.

Alberto Garcia

From: David C
Eagle Pass, Texas

To: Brett Tice, PT, President/CEO
Back To Action Physical Therapy

I would like to take this opportunity to advise you of the outstanding care and attention I have received while obtaining physical therapy at your Back To Action Physical Therapy facility in Eagle Pass, Texas. But first I would like to give you a little background about myself.

I am in the law enforcement field and was injured in the line of duty on October 26, 2012. I was attempting to make an apprehension and twisted my ankle. I was seen by the emergency room at the local hospital where I was told I suffered a sprain. I then sought the advice of a specialist who very quickly identified the need for surgical intervention because I had severed tendons, torn ligaments, and had multiple tears to muscles in my ankle.

While awaiting a surgery date, I was attending physical therapy at the facility associated with my doctor's office and received subpar care. I met the staff physical therapist at the initial evaluation and then only spoke with him once per month during the monthly evaluation with my primary doctor. The facility was ill equipped and the staff was made up of extern students fulfilling their school credit requirements (no full time assistance) and was only there for about two weeks before moving on. The exercises that I was assigned were not challenging, were never altered in type or intensity according to my recovery. After months of this "treatment", I was able to schedule my surgery and advised the facility that I would be attending physical therapy elsewhere.

My first visit to Back To Action Physical Therapy was met by the smiling face of Doreen Ruiz, D.P.T.. She welcomed me to the facility, introduced herself and brought me to a room for an evaluation. She evaluated my recovery to that point and answered the questions that I had. She gave me a good impression of what to expect during the treatments and gave some suggestions of things to do while I was home to help speed my recovery. On my first day for treatment, she personally explained EACH exercise that I was to do and demonstrated how it should be done. She then watched me and made sure I was doing what needed to be done correctly. Each day I returned, she monitored my progress, as well as the progress of every other patient in the facility. It always impressed me that her desk space is in the area with all the patients so she is able to monitor progress and is quick to leave her desk to help explain a movement or correct a posture. The staff assisting Ms. Ruiz is very knowledgeable of the movements and exercises prescribed and have all the equipment and supplies set up and waiting for each patient upon our arrival. Checking on each patient frequently, the staff seems to be an extension of Ms. Ruiz's personalized care and attention. Always smiling and always supportive, the staff at Back To Action has always made me feel that I was going to be offered every chance at a full recovery or as close to it as possible.

It is for this reasons above that I am sending this letter to you, sir. I am truly impressed by and thankful for the outstanding staff at the Back To Action Physical Therapy facility in Eagle Pass, Texas and I am truly appreciative of their support. Please express to them my gratitude as I feel I owe them more than words can express for the care they have provided to me and I know they provide to others.

Sincerely, David C.

Thank you very much for making my therapy so enjoyable. You have been so special with your professional attitude and that includes your smiles and humor. I will miss you all.

Nancy R.

I have used Back To Action Physical Therapy several times. I believe in Brett Tice. He and his professional staff always make me feel comfortable by helping me understand my evaluation and the assessment of my situation. They developed a treatment program that relieves my pain. I recommend Back To Action to my friends and family... even my mother-in-law.

J. Topp
Patient doing shoulder rehab at Back to Action Physical Therapy

Last November, I injured my shoulder while pulling my airplane out of its hanger. I had done this many times before, but on this occasion, I obviously pulled the wrong way. After several months of waiting for the problem to go away by itself, I finally gave in and saw a doctor. The pain wasn't all that bad, but my range of motion had decreased to the point that it was becoming difficult to do many of the things I enjoy. After 12 visits to Back To Action, my range of motion is back to normal and the pain is almost totally gone. The treatments I received were excellent, and the people I worked with were very pleasant and personable. I would recommend Back to Action without reservation.

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